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Prohibited Content and Behavior

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By using the services offered by, the User agrees to use them in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed, and not to use the products and services to – in particular – encourage, promote or present in a favorable light:

  • Hacking, spamming, and attacks against networks and/or servers, phishing, malware, intrusion into the network of and third parties,

  • Content of a sexual, obscene, pornographic nature,

  • Violent, defamatory, discriminatory content, incitement to racial hatred, crimes against humanity,

  • The sharing, hosting, distribution or piracy of works and content protected by copyright and intellectual property, or any infringing practice,

  • The sale, exchange or donation of products subject to special legislation, medicinal products subject to medical prescription or not, narcotic drugs and other illicit substances,

  • Credit card fraud, or deceptive practices,

  • Violations of the rights and interests of minors,

  • Any behaviour contrary to the laws in force, affecting the rights of third parties, or prejudicial to them is a free service that does everything possible to offer a quality service at the cutting edge of technology. Except as permitted by the credits management, it is strictly prohibited to remove, hide, or make unreadable by any means whatsoever the mandatory notices and copyrights appearing on the Forums (including in the toolbar and footer of the forum), as well as sponsored content or advertisements. These items can only be removed through credits management. reserves the right to delete forums, messages or users that make use of the services that are manifestly illegal or contrary to these Terms, without prior notice. As such, forums containing text, links, images, animations, videos, classified ads or content of any other nature considered contrary to these Terms may be deleted without prior notice.
Activities contrary to the laws and regulations in force may be reported to the competent authorities and may give rise to legal action.

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